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about the Member’s business which was referred so that no Member is placed in the position of making a cold contact. When appropriate, a written recommendation to the individual or business with a blind copy to the Member being referred is suggested for informational purposes to help facilitate the transaction between the individual being referred and the Member’s business that has been referred. Each Member is responsible for furnishing other ACE Members with his or her resume, brochure or business card to assist with the process of giving a referral. Each Member is encouraged to respond to or acknowledge referrals that have been received.

Referral Policy Members shall attempt to give as many referrals as possible on a yearly basis. However, it is acknowledged that it may be more difficult to refer to some Members than others. Additionally, no Referring Member guarantees that a referral shall generate business for the Referred Member

Referral Recognition: Quarterly, the Referral Chair shall acknowledge the Member or Members making the most referrals. At the August New Officer Installation Banquet, the Referral Chair shall recognize the Member or Members making the largest number of referrals for the year.


Dues shall be assessed of each Member per category per calendar year. The amount of the dues shall be determined by the Leadership Council and shall be adjusted as needed. The membership dues will be invoiced to each member per category by the Treasurer after January 1st. The amount will be due within 30 days. At the end of 30 days, any unpaid dues are increased by $10. At the end of 60 days, any unpaid dues are increased by another $10. If the membership dues are not paid after 90 days, the membership will be terminated and the category re-opened. New Members dues will be invoiced on their anniversary date.


The Quorum of ACE is fifty percent (50%) of the Active Members. If a Quorum is not met, those present may elect to suspend the by-law to achieve quorum, with approval of 50% of those Members present.

Amendment of the By-Laws

Amendments of the By-Laws of ACE shall be approved by the Leadership Council. If approved by the Leadership Council, the amendment will be listed in detail in the minutes for two weeks, then voted on in the next business meeting. Any amendment changes require two-thirds majority vote of the quorum. Absentee votes should be sent to the President prior to the voting day.

ACE By-laws



The purpose of ACE is to further reinforce and facilitate individual professionalism and success by affiliation and networking within the organization. As a group, Members will strive to do business with each other whenever possible, given reasonable options. However, no Member will be asked to change or interfere with existing business relationships or providers.

Leadership Council

The governing body of ACE shall be the Leadership Council, consisting of the Charter Members, Executive Officers, Chairpersons, and immediate past President, and shall be chaired by the immediate President.

Officers (Executive Committee)

The Executive Officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Election of Officers

Officers shall be nominated by the general membership at the July business meeting with the election to take place at the August business meeting. Officers will assume their responsibilities on September 1. Nominated members must be a member of ACE for at least one year.

Committees & Chairpersons

Standing Committees shall consist of Attendance, Social, Presentation, Referral, Membership, Media, and Marketing. Additional committees shall be established as necessary by the Leadership Council. Committee chairpersons shall be nominated and voted on by the General Membership at the August business meeting following the election of officers. All members are encouraged to join at least one committee. New members may be assigned to a committee by the Executive Committee.


There shall be a Business meeting the first Tuesday of each month. Business meetings shall be open to members only. All other meetings are General meetings. Members are welcome to bring guests to General meetings. Members are strongly encouraged to be punctual in their attendance.

Meeting Content: Meetings shall consist of each Member introducing themselves, the service they offer, and then thanking any fellow member for referrals they have received; the minutes from the previous meeting are approved; Unfinished Business is discussed; New Business is discussed; Reports from any Chair Persons; and a presentation by a Member for 10 to 15 minute profiling their business. One Presentation shall be done at each meeting, except the Business Meeting. The President may elect to cover the items in any order they wish.


Criteria: New Member recommendations should be of individuals on the basis of achievement of a level of success in their respective fields. Such individuals should demonstrate knowledge, a desire for growth in their field, professionalism and above all, a high degree of integrity. Additionally, potential Members must have worked in their field or profession a minimum of one year and been with their new employer at least six months; or if a new business owner, the business must have been in existence for at least one year. The potential Members must also be an Executive, Business Owner, Partner or Account Manager.

At the time of application for membership, the applicant will specify if the membership belongs to the Individual or the Company. Memberships may not be shared between two people from the same company. There must be one primary member. Co-workers are welcome to attend any meeting, with or without the primary member, but are only allowed to vote in primary Member’s absence. Co-workers attendance will be counted in primary Member’s absence.

The membership application must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete applications will be returned to the sponsoring Member for completion by the applicant, which will delay the application process. After applying for membership, potential Members may attend any meeting and social event, except business meetings, while waiting

Should there be two or more applications for the same category, all applications will be accepted if they have met the criteria for the application process. The applicants will be notified of the other applicants by their sponsoring member. If the applicant is already a member of ACE, the membership chair will notify the ACE applicant. The applicants will attend the business meeting and will be allowed to speak for three to five minutes on why they want to join ACE. The sponsoring Member will also speak to the attending Members on behalf of the potential Member. The applicants will be asked to leave the meeting before the members vote. The sponsoring Member shall notify the applicants regarding the results of the vote after the meeting. This is the only circumstance where the prospective Member can attend a business meeting, and the Member will not be required to receive 80% “yes” votes in order to be approved for membership as governed by these by-laws. If the new Member who was voted in with multiple applicants terminates their membership within a year, any applicant can apply for the open position. The applicant does not have to wait the one year limitation set forth for a Member not voted in if they ran with multiple applicants.





A master category list has been developed and membership is based on open categories. If a prospective new Member does not have a category listed in their profession, the Leadership Council may elect to add a category to the list.

Members are encouraged to research potential overlaps in categories prior to making a nomination. After a nomination, but prior to a vote, a Member may request a nomination be tabled for one month in order to meet with the potential Member to determine whether there is an overlap of category. Any Member may state their objection to the membership category chair about the potential new member on the basis of overlap of job category. If reasonable, such category objection will be respected and may only be overridden by a majority vote of the Leadership Council.

Changing Any Member whose category is changed due to a change in employment must go through the Member selection process in their new category. The minimum length of time in a field or business will be waived for these existing Members should their new category be available.

Election of New Members

The prospective Members name, company and category will run in the meeting minutes for a minimum of two weeks to give other Members a chance to contact the President or Vice President with objections. The sponsoring Member is responsible for letting the Membership know about the prospective Member’s qualifications (this should be done during the meetings). The prospective Member will be voted on during the next business meeting. Once all of the criteria for the prospective Member has been met, the prospective Member’s application will run two weeks in the minutes, then be voted on at the following business meeting.

An anonymous vote on each potential new Member shall be taken by the general membership during a business meeting. They will become new Members if they receive “yes” votes from at least 80% of the Members in attendance. Individuals who do not receive 80% “yes” votes, will not be able to join. The sponsoring Member must wait one year before putting forth the potential Members name again for membership.

If the prospective Member is voted in, it is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Member to contact them and help them through the first few meetings. Should the new Member fail to attend at least one of the four meetings following their selection, their membership shall lapse and their category shall be reopened.


A potential Member is required to attend at least two, but not more than three General meetings within a fiscal year before submitting an application for membership. If they are interested in applying for membership, they may read the By-Laws and fill out the application on the website. The sponsoring Member is responsible for reviewing the By-Laws with the prospective Member. When the application is completed, it is forwarded to the Membership Chair and copied to the President and Secretary. After the Membership Chair approves the applicant, the application will run twice in the minutes for review from the general membership.

Attendance Policy

Meeting attendance is extremely important for this organization to function successfully for all it’s Members. However, when Members cannot attend scheduled meetings or sponsored events, the following applies:

Attendance shall be monitored on a calendar quarterly basis. Members who fail to attend fifty percent (50%) of ACE meetings within a quarter shall be sent a reminder of ACE policies by the Attendance Chair. Individuals who have failed to meet the attendance policy requirements within the next calendar quarter after receiving the above mentioned reminder or continuously fail to maintain the attendance policy requirements, shall have their membership terminated unless they can show good cause to the Leadership Council why the membership shall not be terminated. Such membership terminations shall be announced quarterly by the Attendance Chair, to be effective immediately.

Attending ACE sponsored events, such as the Business Expo (you must work a shift), and social gatherings will count toward attendance. A sign in sheet will be present at these events.

Inactive Status is available to Members in good standing for personal reasons, but must be requested in writing and approved by the Leadership Council. The duration of such Inactive Status shall be a maximum of one Quarter and is only permitted one time during each fiscal year. If a longer time is required for reasons, such as medical, it must be approved by the Leadership Council.

Forfeiture of Membership: The Executive Council may elect to terminate any member by unanimous consent for any reason, including but not limited to, unethical business practices, incompetent work, or moral issues.


A referral consists of a Member providing another Member with the proper information regarding an individual or business needing services provided by the Member’s business. The Member giving the referral shall also provide the person being referred with proper information

Officers & Committee Chairs:



ACE Executive Board

Heather Smith - President

Christina Ferrante - Vice President

Dan Malachowski - Treasurer

Michael Woodring - Secretary


Committee Chairs

Membership Chair - Angie Mullings

Mentor -Angie Mullings

Presentations Chair - Carlin Smittle

Referral Chair - Ashley Anderson

Social Chair - Christina Ferrante

Attendance Chair - Makinzie Richards

Website/Media/Marketing -

                                       Jonathan Rimington